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GET CERTIFIED for your IA or WI Carry Permit!

Take our SAFELY CONCEALED course to certify for your IA or WI Weapons Permit, a 2-hour handgun safety course offered at our comfortable in-home classroom. This, or any of our courses, meets the state requirements for an Iowa or Wisconsin permit. You'll receive hands-on training in safely operating modern pistols. Plus additional insights into tactical advantages, personal training drills, firearm selection, and legal protection.

For ONE student or a dozen, call us to set-up a 2hr course that works with YOUR schedule!     still $50/student

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to learn more about our AR-15 course!


-Kelly  563/581-5591

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NOW at FiveC...

With the current popularity of the AR-15 platform we've decided to put  Bill Stephanopoulos' wisdom to work!  Having served in the 82nd Airborne Infantry in his younger days, his skills and knowledge have only improved with time

Here are a few things you can expect from our AR-15 FOR DEFENSE course:
- Bill Stephanopoulos will focus on the AR as an ideal home defense weapon
- you'll learn HOW to effectively sweep your home room to room
- you'll learn HOW to engage intruders with live fire, OR with the gun itself  
- you'll learn important skills in target discrimination
- you'll learn the most effective ways to manipulate the controls of your AR in the midst of trouble
- you'll even learn how to break-down and properly maintain your AR 
- you'll also learn some basics about longer range shooting

is it time to RENEW your IA Carry Permit?

You can renew your permit ANYTIME, and if you apply AT LEAST 30 days prior to expiration you save $25 on your application!

You will need evidence that you have "Demonstrated knowledge of firearm safety", and FIveC offers this evidence TWO ways:

1) Take any of our courses as a refresher (you are saving $25 on the application, why not invest it in knowledge & training)
2) Shoot a target with one of our instructors. Fire 20rds, it takes about 10 minutes, and costs $20.

Either method will provide you with a certificate you can take to your Sheriff for renewal of your application.

The question is serious, "WHAT IF a man in with a rifle & mask entered YOUR church, mall, or theater?"  In law-enforcement circles, such a threat is called an "Active-Shooter", and if such a threat appeared, & his intent was clearly bad... 
...would you KNOW what to do? 
...Would you know WHEN & HOW to engage the threat? 
...How to avoid being a TARGET? 
...How to get YOUR FAMILY to safety?

We have a web page detailing the IL laws and how they relate to YOU carrying your concealed handgun in that jurisdiction.

Visit our LINKS PAGE for important downloads and misc. handgun defense related information.

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