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Take our concealed carry class, SAFELY CONCEALED to certify for your IA or WI Weapons Permit.

This 2-hour defensive pistol class prepares you for to safely and legally carry firearms by providing the handgun safety knowledge that your state requires. In addition, you'll learn important legal information, and tactical advice concerning self-defense. 

Our instructors are NRA certified in handgun safety and in range safety, thus any of our courses, meet the state requirements for an Iowa or Wisconsin permit. You'll receive hands-on training in safely operating modern pistols. Plus additional insights into tactical advantages, personal training drills, firearm selection, and legal protection.

Many of our competitors never even put a gun in your hand
But in our courses you WILL be patiently instructed in gun handling using REAL firearms, in a safe setting with simulated ammunition. You will practice how to safely load and operate various types of revolvers, and you will also learn and practice how to operate semi-automatic magazine-fed pistols. Armed with this knowledge you can purchase a handgun and confidently visit your local range for practice, or attend competitions.

Our hands-on classes are hosted in our facility behind the UPC Church near the Dubuque County Fairground's rear entrance, at 12805 Seippel Road, Dubuque, IA.

Live-fire courses are also available by appointment for those who would like to take the instruction to the next level. Our NRA certified instructors will prepare you for live fire and walk you through the fundamentals to assure that you are hitting your targets with accuracy. They will demonstrate defensive drills and stay by your side while you try them too. You will leave the range with confidence that you know how to defend yourself with a handgun, and that you know the skills required for continued improvement of the art.

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For ONE student or a dozen

call us to set-up a course that works with YOUR schedule!    

still just $50/student for the 2-hour CCW certification course, or $35/hour for range visits.

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With the current popularity of the AR-15 platform it is important for you to know NOT JUST how to shoot your AR, but also how to properly maintain it.

We offer short and to the point courses on AR15 maintenance, ranging from an hour to a full day. 

contact us if you want to learn more or set-up a one on one with Kelly.

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We have a web page detailing the IL laws and how they relate to YOU carrying your concealed handgun in that jurisdiction.

Visit our LINKS PAGE for important downloads and misc. handgun defense related information.

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