Catfish Creek (FiveC)


What you can expect from our AR-15 FOR DEFENSE course:
- the instructor will be Bill Stephanopoulos
- he'll focus on the AR as an ideal home defense weapon  (did you know it is safer and more effective in the home than a pistol?)
- you'll learn HOW to effectively sweep your home room to room
- you'll learn HOW to engage intruders with live fire, OR with the gun itself  (soldiers can show you things you never dreamed of!)
- you'll learn important skills in target discrimination
- you'll learn the most effective ways to manipulate the controls of your AR in the midst of trouble
- you'll even learn how to break-down and properly maintain your AR
- you'll also learn some basics about longer range shooting

Call us, Bill can meet you  one on one, highlighting just the things you want to learn most. The basics of safe operation? Effective practice drills? Maintenance tips? Tell us what you need & we can tailor something just for you or a small group of friends/family.

to schedule an AR15 course
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AR-15 FOR DEFENSE course!

NOW at FiveC...

With the current popularity of the AR-15 platform
we've decided to put 
Bill Stephanopoulos' wisdom to work! 
Having served in the 82nd Airborne Infantry in his younger days,
his skills and knowledge have only improved with time.

You bought an AR-15, you've taken it to the range a few times... 

now what?

Of course the AR is a perfect tool for home defense, but just having one isn't enough, 

you need to know how to use it effectively in close quarters.

From Kelly:
I'm a pistol guy, and I teach pistol courses, but I felt it was time to get an AR-15. So I studied-up and bought the components I wanted, assembled it, and now I'm up and running.

But like we often say in class, "You don't know what you don't know". I quickly found that there are a lot of little details which I DIDN'T KNOW about using the AR platform effectively...

My main purpose for the AR was home defense, and to do a little coyote hunting with it. But I'm a firm believer that a shooter should be able to effectively run his equipment, and the more I talked to our Range Officer Bill Stephanopoulos, the more I realized how much I "don't know". It's NOT just mechanical functions that change when we transition from pistol to rifle, but there are major tactical changes as well. On top of that, I found that properly maintaining the AR is a lot more involved than my 1911, thankfully Bill was able to help me that that too!

I had no idea how much I would learn from Bill's extensive 'commando' training, and I continue to learn more from him daily. Now FiveC is making the opportunity available for other AR15 owners to utilize Bill's expertise by hosting a course he designed, AR15 FOR DEFENSE!
If you've been in one of our shooting classes then you know how much valuable knowledge Bill brings to defensive training with pistols. But as much as Bill loves his Kimber, his "Go-To" gun has always been his AR-15!

Bill trusted his life to the M-16 (the AR-15's full-auto older brother) while serving in the 82nd Airborne Infantry, and has continued to hone his skills since returning to civilian life. I KNEW this, but I didn't know how much i DIDN'T KNOW about the extensiveness of Bill's knowledge till I got an AR and started shooting with Bill. Just setting-up at the range and chatting over the cleaning bench has proven to be vastly instructional for me. In fact, it seems a waste to have an asset like Bill on the FiveC team and not make his experience available to you!

This is an all day event, and we charge $125 for the full course, including lunch and some "special items" for your AR. (Our previous AR students may audit this class FREE of charge!)

You'll need an AR and ammo (150 rounds minimum, more is better though). Bring your cleaning kit too if you'd like to put your new maintenance knowledge into practice while Bill is available for input.

If you currently lack an AR please contact us, we keep extras you can borrow for this event


-Kelly  563/581-5591