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  Read Kelly's popular article dispelling the common myth that simply having a gun  is the crux of personal defense. 

  In this article we explore the importance of recognizing our need to train for defense and to study appropriate tactics for various situations. We will further explore how to choose the right gun for concealed carry.

The RIGHT Gun for the Job

Practice, Practice, Practice!

If you've been in a FiveC course then you know we hammer PRACTICE! No one can have too much of it, but standing at a range shooting bullseyes is not enough to keep you alive if you need to draw that gun... HERE are some SIMPLE and INEXPENSIVE opportunities for LOCAL practice that is PRACTICAL and FUN!

For Pete's sake, you NEED to CHAMBER A ROUND!!

Watch this video to see WHY it is important to keep a round CHAMBERED in your carry gun. This father had "the rest of his life" to chamber a round, but couldn't do it fast enough. He AND his son died.

Improve your ability to FOCUS on the front sight 

it's not easy to truly FOCUS on that front sight bobbing around at the business end of your handgun, but the Navy Seal in this video has some awesome tips, watch it!

A defensive Mindset

"A NATION OF COWARDS" is the definitive text for folks who need to appreciate the importance of our right to self-defense, understanding that it is NOT 'given' to us by government, but is basic to the nature of our being. EVERY jury should read this before they judge a self-defense case.

"BULLET-PROOFING THE MIND" Excerpts from an interview with Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, detailing the importance of training for the mental aspects of defending oneself in a deadly force encounter. 

we often talk about the 21 foot rule in class... DO NOT think that HAVING a gun MAKES you safe, the gun is just a tool, your ready MIND is what's needed, and PRACTICE.

Many CCW students ask about the special
"key-chains" on our table... 


Have you met the staff at FiveC yet?

If NOT then here's a link to get a brief glimpse of the folks that bring you what we do...

If you HAVE, then you probably know who this is at a glance, right? HAHA


Iowa Code 724... (IA gun laws) a MUST read!!

in .PDF format, you can save this to refer to anytime. You should print this & carefully review its details.

You should read this carefully, and understand the meaning of such confusing ideas as weapons free zones, and be aware of where you CAN and CANNOT carry weapons.


ALSO important to understand...
Iowa Code 704... (IA law pertaining to FORCE, Reasonable or Deadly) a MUST read!

Iowa application WP5... (IA Permit Application)

This is the form you will take to your county Sheriff when you apply for the permit when you APPLY FOR YOUR “WEAPONS PERMIT” if you live in Iowa. In .PDF format, you should print this and fill it out to apply for your 'IA Weapons Permit' along with:

 - Iowa photo ID
- Military DD214 or a copy of your Certificate of Handgun Training (which FiveC provides)

- $50.00 for the five (5) year permit.


the Wisconsin application & info... (for WI residents, and those who carry there)   and search for documents related to code JUS 17

If you need a WI course please let us know when you initially set-up the course with us, since the class is a little different than the IA course, and the forms and coursework are also unique.

(other states recognize your IA permit)
There are currently 34 states which recognize your permit when you travel. Remember, the rules will vary from state to state, so if you plan to travel with your gun (recommended!) then check the laws for those states you’ll be entering.

so what about that UTAH permit?

Some people pay big bucks for a non-resident UTAH permit, but how does it differ from an IA Permit? NOT MUCH! It only adds NV & WA

AND be sure to READ our page about ILLINOIS

Guns can serve as an important defense when 911 cannot bring help soon enough. But keeping firearms in the home must be a carefully considered decision, and preparing all members of the family for safe storage and use of firearms is crucial.

                     ...NEED SOME AR-15 TRAINING?...

Checkout out AR-15 For DEFENSE Courses

      **Here's what can expect from this course:
- you'll learn HOW to effectively sweep your home room to room
- you'll PRACTICE engaging 'intruders' with live fire
- you'll learn important skills in target discrimination
- you'll learn to manipulate the controls of your AR effectively
- you'll even learn how to break-down and properly maintain your AR  

Friends & Partners

In our classes we talk about the importance of knowing the law, and of being legally prepared in case you ever find yourself in court because of a defensive shooting.

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