Catfish Creek (FiveC)


Meet the FiveC STAFF

Maybe you've met our instructors & range staff before, but in case you haven't had a chance to get to know them, here's a little background...

Kelly Allen

Our founder & chief instructor isn't afraid to admit he has no military or law enforcement background, but that he's just a regular guy like the majority of our students. However, working full-time in engineering for over 20 years has sharpened his study skills and his desire for solid research, and that can be helpful in today's defensive training field.

There are folks who risk their lives every day to put boots to the ground, applying the latest tactics in the field, and there are also those who glean from their knowledge, sharing it with others. Kelly is a firm believer that the tried & proven tools and tactics which keep "the good guys" alive should be made available to ALL good citizens. Since we don't all have time to research the latest trends in armed defense, he does his best to make it presentable in a practical format for our students.

Kelly is also founder of the popular Zombie Cull, local to the Dubuque area, and that has brought him to meet a lot of quality "gun people". So if you have a question about defensive firearms, and he can't answer it, then most likely he can put you in touch with someone local who can! Question: can you recognize him without his hat? ; )

Valerie Allen

She's a living example of the gal with no interest in shooting... till she TRIED it!  She first applied for a carry permit just so she was 'legal' if there was a gun in her car, but once she tried shooting handguns she was hooked.

Val soon became active in shooting sports and competitions like IDPA & Zombie Culls, and enjoyed it so much that she decided to teach other gals to shoot too. She is now an NRA Certified Instructor and Range Safety Officer, hosting her own "Girls Only" courses, and shooting clinics. She helps-out with many of the FiveC courses and is quite proficient with her pistol work, especially instructions one how to take those 25 yard head shots in our "Survive the Active Shooter" course.

Contact Val if you've got a group of gals who want some handgun training away from the prying eyes of the guys! One on one, or with a group, her teaching style is friendly & safe.

Mitchel Allen

As the youngest member of the FiveC crew it's clear the apple didn't fall far from the tree here! Mitch already has proven himself to be a valuable asset at the range, being a patient and knowledgeable instructor. 

He has also shown his prowess in several competitions, winning a Zombie Cull the first time he shot Kelly's Glock 19, and is proving himself to be quite effective with his AR15.