Catfish Creek (FiveC)


FiveC courses

We offer a variety of courses to suit the needs and busy schedules of our students. These vary from shorter, focused courses, to all day events, and can cover a broad spectrum of gun-handling and safety instruction, as well as live-fire and tactical training.

These classes are led by Kelly or Valerie Allencertified NRA Certified Instructors, and NRA Range Safety Officers.

Our "SAFELY CONCEALED" 2-hour courses are tailored to the student who can only spare a couple hours, but still wishes to meet the requirements for an Iowa or Wisconsin concealed carry permit.  This class focuses on those safe gun-handling practices directly applicable to daily carry situations, and includes important defensive pistol concepts and legal discussion which all permit holders should consider before they strap-on a firearm.
    Upon successful completion of this course you will receive a certificate you can take to the Sheriff when you apply for your carry permit, since our courses meet the requirements of IA & WI Law.
    Your valid IA Weapons Permit will give you reciprocity with the BLUE states shown below.
    This class can be scheduled to work with your busy calendar, for one student or for dozens, only $50 per student! (MORE INFO...)

    Call or email to schedule your class.

(CLICK HERE for details about the requirements for gun ownership and permit application)

How do I get my permit?

the "GIRLS ONLY" Course

  It's a class for women only, by women only. There are no drill sergeants, and no intimidation, just quality hands-on training in an environment geared to stimulate confidence & experience even for women with little or no shooting experience. (MORE INFO)

Our "NEXT STEPS defensive handgun course" is geared for those who already have their carry permit and are familiar with safe gun-handling but want to discover some more advanced tactics to be better prepared should trouble arise. The class time includes dry-fire drills and gun-handling to prepare you for live-fire at the range. On the range we'll carry 'hot', practicing safe concealment while we engage targets with live ammunition and work tactical concepts into muscle-memory.
   Using a combination of stationary and moving targets, you'll learn to identify & assess threats. You'll practice drawing from concealment and engaging targets, making use of protective cover, and making every shot count.
   This is a 4-hour course and we limit the class size to encourage plenty of one-on-one instruction and lots of trigger-time. Cost is just $60 per student.
The "NRA Basic Pistol course" is an eight hour Saturday class which centers around hands-on training in the safe operation and understanding of handguns of all types. This course follows NRA designed curriculum which lays a solid foundation of the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to help the novice become familiar and comfortable on the range and to begin enjoying handgun sports.
   This course includes live-fire target training at a outdoor range. $120 per student, check our calendar for this event.

"ONE ON ONE range instruction" is also available and can be arranged with a simple call or email to Kelly at 563/581-5591 or

Call to discuss any details about courses you have interest in, or to schedule or reserve class time.

The shooting portion of our courses (when applicable) are typically conducted at an outdoor range, so dress accordingly. Bring your own handgun, ammunition, and safety gear, or borrow ours if needed (we have extras).