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Our "SAFELY CONCEALED" 2-hour course is tailored to people with busy schedules who still wishes to meet the requirements for an Iowa or Wisconsin concealed carry permit. 

This class focuses on those safe gun-handling practices directly applicable to daily carry situations, and includes important defensive pistol concepts and legal discussion which all permit holders should consider before they strap-on a firearm.

Upon successful completion of this course you will receive a certificate you can take to the Sheriff when you apply for your carry permit.

Your valid IA Weapons Permit will give you reciprocity with the BLUE states shown below.

If you don’t see a date on our calendar which works for your schedule, then contact us, this class can be scheduled to work with your busy calendar, one on one or for dozens, only $50 per student!

what should you expect?

Our classes are led by Kelly or Valerie Allen,
NRA Certified Instructors, and Range Safety Officers. The Safely Concealed course is usually hosted in a classroom in our home for one on one instruction or for small groups. Other venues are available for larger groups when necessary, or we can bring the course to you if you choose to invite friends and family to join you in the experience.

Instruction begins with the basics of handgun safety and function, assuring that everyone, regardless of their previous firearms experience, is exposed to the simple practices which make for safe gun handling.

During the instruction each student will practice operating a variety of pistols, using handguns made available to our students. This hands-on approach helps new shooters become comfortable with firearms, and helps our instructors evaluate additional concepts which might be helpful to introduce to a student.

Further in this course instruction includes legal discussion regarding the use of force, Iowa law, and important ways to protect yourself legally in the off-chance you are ever involved in a defensive shooting.

Our course also includes tactical and defense advice, handgun selection, and holster/carry rig options. By the completion of the class you will have the knowledge, and documents necessary to apply for your Iowa or Wisconsin concealed carry permit.

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